About Us


In today’s electronic age, there is an overwhelming amount of information about glass and glass repair service available on the internet. Unfortunately, most of this information is not regulated, and many service providers that sound legitimate are simply not qualified. They make promises on glass repair projects they cannot complete, often resulting in frustrated customers who end up with more glass damage and problems than they originally set out to have fixed.

Scratch Removal Specialists has a history of very consistent work on large volume projects. We possess the staffing and equipment to run multiple jobs at once in a timely manner. We have earned a reputation that makes us a frequent referral between contractors managing large building projects. We also regularly use swing stages, single basket drops, boom lifts, scissor lifts, and various scaffolding setups to access and repair panels in difficult locations.

Scratch Removal Specialists actively participates in the research and development of new equipment, products, and processes to improve repairing damaged glass and to help protect glass before it is damaged. This business practice serves to manage time and costs for both the company and our customers. Overall, our company pride and commitment to the restoration and preservation of glass make us the industry leader in glass restoration.



How We Do It:

There is no perfect method to glass restoration, but Scratch Removal Specialists uses the latest technology and industry leading equipment to tackle the project at hand.

Unless there has been a breakthrough in basic laws of physics, all glass scratch repair systems will remove a very small layer of glass during the polishing process. The amount of glass removed is measured in microns and will not degrade the clarity of the glass if the process is done correctly (removing scratches actually strengthens the glass by restoring surface tension). This is very important to think about when selecting a glass repair company, because anyone can obtain most of the needed equipment and claim to be in the scratch removal business. They may be able to remove a scratch, but at the same time, they usually end up damaging and distorting the glass so it looks worse than the scratch alone and has to be repaired again or replaced. The photos below show some examples of glass damage done by inexperienced operators of glass repair equipment.

It is evident that just having the needed equipment cannot ensure successful glass repair. It takes a combination of the proper equipment and the proper training of the techniques to repair glass to avoid collateral damage. Once again, Scratch Removal Specialists is the leader in providing both these important components.