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Looking for a glass graffiti removal specialist? We repair window glass graffiti damage at a fraction of the cost of window glass replacement. Was your business window glass spray painted,  acid etched, or attacked with magic marker graffiti? We can remove graffiti from the same window multiple times.

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One of the highest surprise costs for business owners is storefront glass vandalism. Vandals and so called taggers use acid etching, carbon tipped pens, razor knife blades, and various other tools of thugs to damage commercial storefront glass. These unsightly graffiti tags deter business and usually lead to even more vandal strikes if they are not quickly removed.

SRS Scratch Removal Specialists has the equipment to repair graffiti damage on you window glass and return your storefront to its original condition. Give us a call and we will work together to fight vandalism and maintain your storefront look so it is clean and inviting more business.

Window glass storefront graffiti is a real problem in Miami Beach, Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale and the code enforcement from the city will punish your business if it is not removed quickly. SRS Scratches Removal Specialists can have our crew at your business before store hours and have your storefront glass graffiti damage repaired often before you open for business.


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SRS Scratch Removal Specialists Windows Glass Stainless Steel

  • Glass restoration for graffiti victims on storefront window glass

  • Glass scratch removal for strip malls storefront property managers

  • Window glass graffiti removal

  • Acid etching vandalism glass repair

  • Stainless steel scratch removal

  • Multiple graffiti removal instances on the same window glass pane possible in many cases before replacement becomes needed.


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Based out of Hollywood, FL, a glass graffiti removal company in Miami,, SRS Scratched Removal Specialist provides scratched glass repair - glass scratch removal, glass graffiti removal and window glass restoration services in Miami

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Glass Graffiti Removal & Glass Etching Removal | Scratched Glass Repair Miami – Glass Scratch Removal