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Why go through the expense and time required to remove and reseal the watertight marine glass when you can simply repair it without removing it and at a fraction of the replacement cost?

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Everyone familiar with yachting knows that everything on a boat is expensive, especially marine glass. Yacht and boat glass windows and portholes often get scratches, chips, and other damage while underway from flying debris, unstable passengers losing their footing and brushing into the glass or portholes, shifting gear and the like. The most common time for damage to marine glass occurs at the docks while tied up or while docking. Often times, lines brush or scrape scratches in the cabin glass panes causing noticeable streaks and  abrasions. This results in distortions in the marine glass or porthole. Salt water can also cause dulling and partial opacity of marine glass.

SRS Scratch Removal Specialists has years of experience on marine glass servicing large yachts to tenders, and dingys.

 The signature of our success is directly tied to the vessels we have worked on and the satisfaction of the owners and crews. Some of our  yacht marine glass restoration service success stories saving our clients up to 80% of the cost of marine glass replacement include the following yachts in South Florida:

  • Mylin IV
  • Sweet Pea
  • Laquilla
  • Miss Michele
  • Outback
  • Vanquish
  • Allegro
  • Paradigm

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SRS Scratch Removal Specialists has years of in yacht boat marine glass windows & stainless steel restoration and repair polishing...

  • We fix scratches in standard marine glass on yachts and boats of all sizes

  • We fix scratches in acrylic marine glass on yachts and boats of all sizes

  • We polish to like new standard marine and acrylic marine glass on yachts and boats of all sizes restoring clarity of glass stained by salt spray or hard water.

  • Marine glass acid etching vandalism glass repair from boats damaged at the docks.

  • Marine Boat and Yacht stainless steel scratch removal repair and restoration.

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