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Glass restoration is a specialized service that many people are not familiar with.  We know you may have questions, so please browse our FAQ for some more information.  Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions, our team is here to offer consultation and provide solutions.

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Getting A Project Estimate

How do I know if my damaged glass can be restored?

The best way is to call us and discuss your damaged glass, or you can start the process with our ‘Request Estimate’ form.  Sometimes pictures can help, but it is often hard to see damaged glass in photographs.  We cannot restore cracked or broken glass, and we cannot service small items such sunglasses or cellular phones.

How long does it take to get an inspection and estimate?

We can usually have a friendly inspector out within a day or two.  Your written estimate usually follows the day after, depending on the size of your project.

How much does it cost to get an inspection and estimate?

Our inspections and estimates are free of charge within our regular service areas in Florida.  We are happy to discuss options for larger projects nationwide.

Can I just get an estimate over the phone or email?

There are some occasions where we can get enough information over the phone or email to determine a repair estimate.  However, there are a lot variables in proper glass restoration, so a physical inspection is usually needed.


How The Process Works

How soon can I get my repair on the schedule?

Once we have a signed estimate from you, our scheduling team works hard to get your repair scheduled as soon as possible.  We understand you may have a critical deadline and will do our best to accommodate.

Does repair and restoration reduce the integrity of my glass?

Removing scratches from glass actually helps increase the integrity of your glass.  Scratches disturb the surface tension of a piece of glass, and removing them restores that surface tension.

How long will it take to complete my repair?

Time to complete a repair depends on the type and amount of damage.  It could range from an hour for one light scratch, to an entire day for a heavily damaged window.  Quality glass restoration takes time, but our team will work hard for the least disruption to your schedule as possible.

Will the damage come back on my glass over time?

Damage will not return after restoration unless the glass is physically scratched again or exposed to conditions that originally caused the damage.  You will have like new glass that just needs normal maintenance cleaning.